Welcome to the website of Shouvik Sarkar

This is the personal web of Shouvik Sarkar. Here the softwares made and books written by him are listed and are also available for download. Also a photo gallery of Shouvik is present here. Please browse through this site to know about him and also find his works. You can know about him here.

A short list of his works is followed. The only book he has written is 365 Days Of Survival published in Mar 2019 which is for sale. The only professional software he had made is Dream Music Player which is published in Mar 2019. Besides he sends photos from his photography to National Geographic Channel's Yourshot page.

The links are provided to all of his works in this website beside some are available to be downloaded directly as well.

Besides you can find some inspirational videos over here as well. To achieve something in life the first thing we require is motivation for it. You can have a understanding of it by watching these videos which has life stories of some successfull people. You can also contact him over here.